The largest owned brand at Target was repositioned, clarified and re-launched as Threshold—the largest rebranding effort in Target’s history. 


DENIZEN from Levi’s

DENIZEN from Levi’s needed to be re-launched as a standalone brand to audiences worldwide. The brand launch for DENIZEN positions the brand as a beacon for optimism and the self-expressive style that goes with it, giving support and confidence to the audience to make the most of all that life throws their way.



An exclusive launch at Target for a brand that set out to be the "Tom’s Shoes" of School Supplies. We started with a story about a brand with a mission to help classrooms in need and built a launch campaign that supported that story via video, in-store signing, print ads and social media.



Design partnerships are mainstay at Target and it is critical to the maintain the designers’ unique brand personality while giving reverence to the rigorous standards required to make the product saleable in the physical and online presence of a mass market retailer.


Target In-Store Billboards

Billboard-scale navigational signage that supports Target’s repositioning as an iconic style leader in Home.


Kid Made Modern

When Todd Oldham created a book in a response to diminishing art programs in schools, it sparked the Kid Made Modern product line launched exclusively at Target. Its all about making art and craft accessible to kids everywhere.